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ON THE BALL: News and Information about Miniature Balls
In This Issue...
NEMB: A History of Continuous Improvement
SNEMB: A U.S. Plant on Chinese Soil
NEMB's Choice of Four Stainless Steels
Engineering Issues? NEMB Can Help
NEMB's Informative Company Brochure
NEMB Expands Line with Miniature Balls up to 1" in Diameter

Introducing our Newsletter

Welcome to the premier issue of On The Ball, the newsletter of New England Miniature Ball Corp. Our purpose in producing it is to keep you, our customer, informed of the ways in which we can support your company as your source for miniature balls. This newsletter will include information about our manufacturing capabilities, as well as articles on how our products have been used by customers in specific applications. So that you can get to know us better, we will also feature a member of our dedicated staff in each issue. Finally, On The Ball will keep you apprised of any changes in our materials and production practices.

Since we want to make this newsletter as relevant to your business as possible, we look forward to hearing your comments on this first issue. We would also welcome any suggestions that you may have for future issues. Thank you for your interest.

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