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Precision Miniature Balls

For 45 years, NEMB has been leading the industry in miniature ball manufacturing. Over those 45 years, we have fine tuned our process to allow us to manufacture the best grade possible in these miniature balls. We have the ability to manufacture as small as a 0.010" in 440-C stainless steel, 52100 chrome steel and tungsten carbide while holding grade 24 tolerances. Our process also allows us to produces balls as small as 0.020" (0.5mm) in virtually all of our other materials.

Please reference the NEMB Sizes page to see a full list of sizes and materials. If you have any additional questions, contact one of our experienced customer service representatives.

NEMB prides itself on its precision miniature ball production process. We accurately meet our clients' needs for grade, material and quality on every level. Our staff of dedicated engineers is happy to answer any precision miniature ball questions you may have. Fill out the Quick Contact form today and we'll get right back to you!