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High-Quality, Precision Balls from NEMB

NEMB is committed to meeting the high quality standards demanded by our customers. As a result, we are continuously improving our products, services and production processes to meet the ever-increasing demands of the market.

Since 1994, the NEMB manufacturing process has been ISO 9001 certified (download NEMB's current 9001:2008 certificate PDF.) While ISO certification is the industry standard for quality, we take many other steps to ensure consistent high quality for every ball we manufacture. These steps include:

  • Process FMEAs for all major products
  • Process control plans for all major product lines
  • A fully implemented preventive and corrective action program
  • Strict adherence to quality requirements as specified in accepted industry standards
  • A focus on improved process flow, with commitment to 100% on-time delivery
  • A meticulous final inspection, during which balls are gauged, visually inspected and subjected to other quality tests to ensure that the customer's specifications have been met

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