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NEMB Overseas Capabilities

SNEMB Chinese FacilityTo meet increasing demand from our global customers, many of whom have manufacturing facilities in the Far East, NEMB operates a wholly owned subsidiary near Shanghai, China, known as NEMB SHANGHAI. This facility supplements our Connecticut factory by providing high volume capabilities and a geographically strategic location.

SNEMB operates in a modern manufacturing facility of approximately 25,000 square feet, set up to facilitate high volume, efficient processing of precision balls in a broad range of materials. Managed by local staff and overseen by the U.S. parent company, SNEMB offers highly competitive pricing for non-DFARS requirements while being operated under the auspices of U.S. quality and management systems. As a wholly owned company SNEMB has a staff which includes: Plant Manager, Human Recourses Manager, Controller, Quality Control Manager and Import /Export Manager. SNEMB is a U.S. company operating on foreign soil. This means that U.S. customers have the option of using U.S.-sourced wire together with China's low costs, or alternatively foreign wire with most of the manufacturing at SNEMB, and final production at NEMB. SNEMB can also meet AFBMA standards for dock to stock requirements. Such an arrangement, when appropriate, offers customers attractive pricing options.

While the two facilities are able to offer many of the same products, their capabilities are also complementary. SNEMB manufactures balls as small as .02" diameter and its open pocket manufacturing process is geared to high- volume applications, while maintaining AFBMA standards up to .375". Furthermore, the single-level layout of the SNEMB facility allows for a smooth workflow and efficient product management, with processes that adhere to US environmental standards. SNEMB maintains its own heat treat facilities on site for standard product and has a strategic partnership with an independent heat treat facility for processing products in accordance with CQI-9. In addition to being ISO-9000 certified, SNEMB also maintains TS16949 certification. SNEMB has established relationships with third-party test facilities to provide independent verification of material content, testing for austenite and grain structure, as well as other ancillary processes. These designations set SNEMB apart from the rest of the industry.

Our Shanghai facility allows us to accommodate international requirements and to competitively serve the domestic market. The Shanghai team is dedicated to producing the highest quality steel balls available to meet a broad range of myriad of technical requirements.